September 7, 2009


Welcome to chatterbocs!

This tool has been around for a few years but we always like to tell the world about it. The tool is Dropboks. The reason that we love it so much is due to the fact that it is so simple to use.

Have you ever wished you had an easy to access place to store content. You know, something that is web based so the contents can be accessed 24/7, from any location...even your favorite coffee shop. There is a service called DropBoks and their basic 1Gig storage is free. DropBoks is a simple web site, that is so easy to use and setup, it will amaze you. On top of that, your files are encrypted, authenticated, and secure. Currently the service only offers 1 Gig of storage and single user access, but are soon going to roll out upgrade in storage size and the ability to share content with friends. There are also plans to add a drag and drop feature along with multiple file uploads. Check it out [Click Here]