August 28, 2009


Welcome to chatterbocs!

Do you have a favorite blog you like to read every morning? Hopefully chatterbocs is one of those blogs, but what if I were to tell you about a new service that will make it easier for you to get your daily fix straight from your iPod?

Odiogo is a web application that will easily convert text entries into high-fidelity voice files ready to play in iPods, MP3 players, phones, and laptops. The program extracts articles from sites that have subscribed to the service, then hosts the audio files on their servers. Think of Odiogo as a DVR for blogs. It saves your favorite content which you can rewind, play, and even fast-forward through right from your iPod or computer. The audio quality of these voice files is simply superb. Best of all, Odiogo is Free. To check it out [Click Here]